Adoption Guidelines

It is Collie Rescue, Inc�s responsibility to place the animals that we rescue into an environment compatible with their needs and to ensure their adoption is in the best interest of both the animal and the adopter.Following are a few guidelines to help you understand the adoption process:


=        All rescued animals receive the following:

-          Spay/Neuter

-          DHPP & Rabies Vaccines

-          Heartworm Test

-          Monthly Heartworm Preventative (Interceptor) while in our care

-          Fecal Exam

-          Deworming, if needed

-          Microchip Implant

-          Bath, Groom, Frontline while in our care

=        Collie Rescue, Inc. will contact your veterinarian for a reference.

=        Collie Rescue, Inc., or an approved third party, will perform a home visit before the rescued animal is placed with the adopter.The home visit is performed to assure us that the prospective rescue will be a good match for your household.If necessary, areas of concern and helpful suggestions will be discussed either during or after the home visit.

=        There is a $450 adoption fee.The adoption fee pays for the veterinary expenses of the rescued animals.

=        The adopter must sign a legally binding adoption contract.

=        The adopter must return the animal to Collie Rescue, Inc. in the event they can no longer keep it.

=        The adopter represents that all members of the household have never been charged with cruelty to animals.

=        If the adopter moves, they must notify Collie Rescue, Inc. of their new address and phone numbers.(Collie Rescue, Inc. registers the microchip and therefore needs to keep adoption records current should the rescue animal become lost.)