Collie Companions

Collie Companions is a program we developed that is designed to bring senior dogs in need of foster homes and senior people (with homes :-)), together!

About 20% of the dogs coming into Collie Rescue are "seniors" (9yrs +) and it is often difficult to get them adopted into permanent homes. The fact is that the senior dogs have been loving, well-behaved dogs all their lives and now, through no fault of their own, they are alone. These dogs may still have several healthy years ahead of them and no one to share their time with. There are no guarantees on their health or longevity, but we can't offer guarantees on any of the dogs that find their way to CRI -- just love, loyalty, companionship and a reason to live.

The sad truth is that people are often reluctant to adopt a senior dog because they want a younger dog with the rest of their lives ahead of them. Remember that an older dog also has the rest of their life ahead of them and they deserve to live that time with dignity and love.

Here's just some of the many pluses of senior dogs:

In our Collie Companion program, CRI will pre-screen and evaluate each senior dog as we do with any dog taken into our rescue. The companions will also be prescreened for a "Foster" arrangement to ensure the best match possible.

In exchange for sharing their home, CRI will provide the following:

If you're a senior who would be interested in participating in this new program; or if you know of anyone who might be interested in fostering a senior dog, or if you can help spread the word about Companion Collies, please contact CRI at info @