Collie Rescue Inc. News          June 2008

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Important Bloat News!
Gathering at Sunnybank
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Updates on Our Great Collies
Now that some of the collies have settled in with their foster families, we're finding out more and more about them.
See what's new with:
Brian Needs A Home
Brian is a 2 year old collie boy who is just the nicest collie you could meet!  He was the hit of Reston Pet Fiesta last month.
When he came to our rescue, he had a fracture in his foreleg, and since it was not taken care of when he was first injured, he had to get more involved surgery to repair it.
His leg is now healed.  However the joint in his wrist is partially fused.  He is doing physical therapy to help strengthen and foster the use of his wrist. The physical therapy he is receiving is a mixture of: swimming, water treadmill, and exercises at home.
If you are looking for a great, gentle, mellow collie boy, please contact us about Brian ASAP!
Please note that Brian will need a family who will continue his physical therapy.
Hi Everyone!
It's been a very busy year so far.  As of June 13th, we've rescued 47 great dogs. That's 38% more dogs than last year at this time.
On behalf of all the collies we help, thank you all - I really can't say that enough - for your support, your volunteering at events, your donations and for fostering!  
We are planning our picnic for the fall, and as soon as we have a date, you will be the first to know!
Have a wonderful summer!


Researchers Discover New Risk Factors & Simple Recommendations To Avoid It

Recent studies out of Purdue University are shedding more light on gastric dilatation volvulus (GSV), otherwise known as bloat. GDV is the second leading cause of death in large breed dogs (50-90 lbs) and giant breed dogs (100 + lbs) 
In GDV there is a rapid accumulation of air in the stomach causing distention and often rotation of the stomach, cutting off the blood supply at both ends and causing the dog to go into shock.
GDV strikes suddenly and has a mortality rate as high as 30%.
Here are some recommendations from the study to avoid these problemsFeed two or more meals each day

  • Feed Two or more meals a day 
  • Feed no more than 1 cup per 33lbs of weight at each meal
  • If feeding dry food make sure there are sufficient amounts of meat or meat meal
  • Avoid moisten dry food 
  • Avoid raising your dog's bowl, keep it at ground level 
  • Restrict vigorous exercise one hour before and two hours after eating
  • If your dog eats rapidly find ways to slow her down.  (Check out this bowl - that does just that)
  • Learn the signs of GDV:  Pacing and restlessness, head turning to look at abdomen, distention of the abdome, rapid, shallow breathing, Unproductive attempts to vomit and salivation

Collie Gathering At Sunnybank
Sunnybank Collie  
The Gathering: is the best known of the Collie Health Foundation sponsored events.
This annual event is held the third weekend in August, at the "mecca" of Colliedom:  Sunnybank in Wayne, New Jersey.  Sunnybank is the home of Albert Payson Terhune, famous dog writer, Collie breeder and lover. It was also the setting for most of his famous dog stories. 
On the property there is a museum, trails, Champion rock (burial ground for Lad and many others), and a bronze memorial.
The weekend combines a wonderful mix of fun, education and fund-raising, with Collie people attending from all over the country.

Saturday is filled with mini-seminars, educational offerings and tours. Sunday brings a series of puppy matches that includes the Virtual Reality match and the Lad Memorial Match.   
There is no better place in the world to hold a Collie get together, than the one-time home of the greatest Collie fan of all time!
This year's Gathering dates are August 16 & 17, 2008.
If you plan on attending, please drop Linda an e-mail at

Adding To Our CRI Human Pack
Over the past few months a number of volunteers have taken over some of the critical functions that allow us to do what we do. On behalf of the collies, we'd like to acknowledge and applaud them for their help!
Gillian Young is posting all of our dogs on Pet Adoption Sites, blogs and anyplace else she can find. In addition, she has started doing adopter screening!
Gillian is owned by her collie boy, Sammy.
Colleen Wilcox created a vet reference check form for us.  She currently does all vet reference checks and helps with scheduling home visits. Collen was recruited by Aryss, a collie who came through our program last year!
Stephanie Cohen spearheaded the creation of our initial applicant screening process. She currently does adopter screening and is responsible for responding to incoming calls to CRI.  Stephanie is owned by a collie girl, Sarah.
Mary Ann Cooling is handling all donations and writing thank you notes.  Mary Ann was originally recruited by Jennie, who is deeply missed.  Recently, she was adopted by Joy, a collie girl who came through our program this year.
Patrick Walsh continues to speardhead this on-line newsletter and the other email notices you've been getting.  Dylan the handsomest collie around allows Patrick to hang out with him!
Colleen Duffy created and administers the survey that we send to adopters.  She also has been instrumental in the administrative strategic planning for our organization.  Colleen was recruited by Lassie who came through our program back in 2006.
Mary Reise helps organize the picnic and is always available for important adhoc projects. 
Dr. Nancy Kelso provides veterinary advice and help when needed!
Most importantly, thank you to all of the people (and their families) who fostered for us over the past few months, we couldn't do this without you...
  • Barbara Baditoi
  • Lorraine Brown
  • Faye & Carlin Brundage
  • Pat Cason
  • Susi Crowe
  • Beth Davis
  • Colleen Duffy
  • Joy Engle
  • Debbie Kerns
  • Pam Kidder
  • Susan Kriss
  • Tony Lacey
  • Brad & Chris Lafferty
  • Jennifer Lafrican & Paul Bernacchio
  • Kelly Mason
  • Annette Miller
  • Chuck Orbell
  • Banu Qureshi
  • Abbie Schaub
  • Annette Scribner
  • Nancy Sullivan
  • Jan & Skip Tyler
  • Patrick Walsh & Carol Riordan
  • Colleen Wilcox
  • The Staff of Deepwood Veterinary Hospital
 In addition to these great folks,  we REALLY need to find someone to take on organizing Adoption Events. We would like to do them once a month (max).  It does require a little bit of time to work the phones, schmooze and organize.  But once you get one under your collar, they're pretty easy to set up and a lot of fun If you can help, please let us know.